The Freight Cowboy Story Starts With a Commitment To The Customer

Over forty years ago, the Broussard family founded this company. The name Broussard actually translates to ‘brush ranger‘, another term for ‘cowboy‘.

Here’s the rest of the Freight Cowboy story:

Back in 1978, Paul L. Broussard started a small company built on the belief that he could help customers better manage, control, and reduce shipping costs. Paul combined his experience in the industry and his passion for doing the right thing to build a second-to-none following of loyal clients.

From the beginning, our commitment to the customer has helped us focus on the logistics services and technology that companies need. By continuing to focus on customer needs with our specialized expertise as the foundation of our business, we’ve been able to evolve and grow.

~Paul L. Broussard, Freight Cowboy

As We Grew Over The Years,
So Did Our Technology

The new company’s first and primary service was audit, payment, and reporting of freight invoices. That service gave us an immense amount of market intelligence and data about shipping in all modes of transportation, and all lanes across North America.

As the transportation industry progressed, we continued to develop relevant technology solutions. An early start and longevity in the industry have enabled us to develop an integrated approach that provides logistics business consulting and enhances information technology (IT) effectiveness.

Where We Are Today

At Freight Cowboy we are privileged and honored to serve over a thousand clients in a variety of different industries.

Our collective clientele gives us the leverage of nearly $1 billion in buying power, as well as second-to-none market intelligence.

Contact us to learn more about how we’ve translated this into better logistics solutions and shipment management services to drive your business.

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