The shipping industry relies on competent management to keep track of customer orders, inventory, refunds, and more. By keeping your systems in order and organized, your company can stay ahead of the competition and improve their supply chain.

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Effective Management Procedures

For your supply chain to function properly, everything has to be integrated correctly to create a perfectly synchronized work environment. In order to keep operations streamlined, make sure you follow these essential shipping management procedures. 

  1. Order fulfillment and processing management
  2. Warehouse safety inspection
  3. Vehicle inspection
  4. ISO container inspection

1) Order Fulfillment and Processing Management Technology

A crucial component of customer service is that customers receive their packages on time and undamaged. A small company can handle this challenge much easier than a larger group. As your business grows, consider delegating some of the tasks to others and setting up checklists to ensure the proper standards are met. Provide a positive experience to exceed your customers’ expectations. Additionally, don’t forget about inventory management for your shipping center. A well-managed inventory system will prevent you from buying too much or not enough of supplies you need, ensuring you can always perfectly meet demand.

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2) Warehouse Safety Inspection

Of course, this step is crucial for legal compliance and the safety of everyone at your facility. Periodically inspect your shipping warehouse for any potential hazards and take notes & corrective action if needed. Make sure your facility provides a safe and comfortable work environment. Hang safety signs in common areas to prevent incidents.

3) Vehicle Inspection

This is particularly important for your warehouse forklifts. Make sure the vehicles run properly, with no warning lights from the engine or tire damage that could make driving unsafe. Additionally, make sure your vehicles meet all required safety standards. Even if safety inspections aren’t required by law, it’s a good idea to perform checks anyway to prevent a deadly accident later.

4) ISO Container Inspection

Considering the sheer volume of purchased goods shipped in ISO containers, you’ll likely be handling shipping containers frequently. They require periodic inspection to make sure your customers’ items will arrive safely. Look for damage, potential defects, weak spots, and other concerns that could make the container unfit for use.

Improving Your Supply Chain

Improving your shipping service’s supply chain will help you satisfy customers and keep a leading role in the industry. Too many unorganized tasks can be overwhelming, but with specific plans, integrated technology, and work delegation, you can ensure that all standards are met and your customers enjoy a satisfactory experience with your services.

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