It’s often in a company’s best interest to keep most of its functions in-house. Whether the decision stems from concerns about control and oversight to finding the simpler option, several companies may be reluctant to outsource key functions of their work. However, there are plenty of examples where outsourcing is actually a much better choice than keeping everything in-house, and this is particularly true for companies that deal with a great number of parcel shipments (FedEx and UPS).

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What Outsourcing Can Do for You

Keeping your audits in-house may seem like a great way to simplify the process and keep your expenses low. However, outsourcing to a trustworthy service provider may be the best decision your company makes. Let’s take a look at the benefits outsourcing can offer you:

  1. Save time
  2. Monetary returns: 1-8% of spend
  3. Keep your current accounting process
  4. Reporting

1) Save Time

Outsourcing the work of a parcel audit to a 3rd Party removes some of the responsibility for the workload from you. You won’t have to spend time tracking every shipment, filing claims, disputing declinations, monitoring whether a promised credit actually showed up on your invoice, and more. That’s the auditor’s job now! You can spend your time focusing on more immediately important work for your company.

Pro Tip: Make sure you have not waived your right to file claims for late deliveries. In some cases, the parcel carrier may have “slipped” this language into your last parcel contract!

2) Monetary Returns: 1-8% of Spendings

When you hire Freight Cowboy for your audit, our process will inspect more than 55 points on your parcel invoice where lost funds can be recovered, including:

  • Manifested but never shipped
  • Late deliveries
  • Erroneous residential charges
  • And plenty more!

3) Keep Your Current Accounting Process

We understand that your current accounting process works for you, and we have no intention of forcing you to change it. Our audit changes nothing about your accounting system. Your accounting process stays the same and we only get paid from secured refunds that are credited to your account. If no credits are issued from your provider, there are no charges. 

4) Reporting

When the audit is over, the final reporting you’ll receive will give you valuable insights into your parcel distribution, which can also help with your next shipping negotiation with providers like UPS or FedEx. Optimize your supply chain and shipping costs with this information as you continue to serve clients. These reports also provide a good standard for your shipping process going forward.

A Good Business Decision

Outsourcing your parcel audit gives you the chance to continue keeping an eye on the process, while also allowing unbiased experts to do most of the work for you. In the end, you’ll have a fully optimized report, reduced expenses, and little to no significant changes to your company plans. 

What other reasons are there to outsource your periodic audits? Connect with us to find out.