Less than truckload shipments (LTL) are necessary shipments too small to fill an entire transport vehicle, typically between 150 lbs-8,000 lbs and take up less than 20 ft. of trailer space. While taking advantage of LTL freight shipping might seem needlessly complicated since you’ll be sharing space with many other LTL shipments.

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Why Should You Choose LTL?

Less than truckload shipping can prove useful to any company that regularly ships or receives smaller orders. From keeping costs low to quicker transit times, LTL services can help improve your company’s business and success rates. More advantages of LTL include:

  1. Reduced costs
  2. Detailed tracking
  3. Extra services available
  4. Less environmental impact

1) Reduced Costs

Since you only need a portion of the truck space, LTL shipping rates are generally lower than paying for an entire vehicle. In many instances, LTL liability limits are much greater than FedEx and UPS CWT programs. Consider this a shipment weighing 350 pounds at freight class 50. One LTL carrier would limit liability to $700.00 ($2.00 per pound), whereas the parcel carriers would limit liability to $100.00 for the exact same shipment. Each LTL carrier has its own unique liability limits in regards to a loss or damage claim. Make sure to cross-examine your carrier’s rules tariff.

Additionally, remember that a company’s advertised prices may not be set in stone. Since the LTL marketplace offers a competitive landscape, with as many as 20-25 carriers for any given route, carriers are likely to be open to negotiating their costs. To find the best rates for your business, use an LTL rateshopper and save yourself some money.

2) Detailed Tracking

Even though your shipment shares space with other clients’ packages, LTL companies still make sure you can track your shipment and watch for a projected delivery date. Through the shipment reference number (pro#) and other information, you’ll be able to track your items at any time.

LTL shipping can also cut down on transit time, depending on the carrier. For instance, for a shipment from Houston, TX to Little Rock, AK, FedEx Ground has a published transit time of two days. Meanwhile, the LTL carrier Averitt Express offers a one-day transit. That extra day can make all the difference in a rush job!

Pro Tip: Business owners: Don’t overload your workload by handling all shipping functions in-house. A shipment manager can help you keep an eye on your orders!

3) Extra Services Available

LTL carriers pay close attention to your shipments and provide special services that shipping a full truckload wouldn’t allow. For instance, small orders can be delivered straight through your business’s front door as long as you’re present to receive them (inside delivery charge). There’s no way you could bring an entire truckload of goods inside! This just helps you get your supplies faster.

5) Less Environmental Impact

Taking advantage of an LTL shipping method lets the transport company use fewer trucks to transport their clients’ supplies, ultimately cutting down on the waste those trucks produce during a long drive. By shopping small and sharing the transport space, you can help contribute to a cleaner planet.

How Can LTL Carriers Help Your Business?

Of course, using LTL shipping doesn’t guarantee that all your business’s delivery woes will be resolved immediately. But if you need an effective method to keep your costs low and increase delivery speed, smaller shipments and specialized parcel carriers can certainly help.

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