Shippers are definitely capable of auditing their own parcel invoices. However, the process of auditing your own shipments is time extensive and tedious. Without the time and expertise to carefully and accurately audit each shipment, you could be missing out on a significant percentage of your refunds.

When Should You Hire a Parcel Audit Company

FedEx® and UPS® have guaranteed parcel service failure refunds. The problem is that tracking every delivery and filing for late deliveries is quite cumbersome. If your shipping volumes have increased and you feel like you’re auditing process is taking way too much time, then it’s probably time to work with a company that specializes in parcel service failure refunds. Here are 3 ways to know that it’s time to outsource your parcel auditing with an experienced company that specializes in shipment refunds. Click To Tweet

  1. Time Commitment
  2. Accurate Reporting
  3. Bigger Refunds

1) Time Commitment

Oftentimes, small business owners are managing their parcel shipping and their small parcel audits- all while running a business. Billing errors are likely to slip between the cracks when only one person is handling everything. Even if you have a dedicated staff member who sorts through the shipping invoices, the process is time extensive. If they are working on other projects, they’re likely to miss cost savings opportunities. On the backend of this process, you also need to spend time reconciling your future invoices to ensure your claim was credited to your account.

2) Accurate Reporting

Another reason to work with a company that specializes in parcel audit services is to get the most up-to-date and accurate shipment data reporting. This includes parcel carrier invoice audits, shipment tracking, and analyzing shipping rates. The data can be collected for service guarantees, carrier accountability and future reference when it time to negotiate your next parcel pricing agreement.

3) Bigger Refunds

Did you know that over $1 billion in available refunds go unclaimed each year? You can save big on shipping costs because refunds can amount to 2-8% of your total small package expense. The long term costly effects are undeniable. A parcel audit company like Freight Cowboy has 50+ point audit service that finds much more than late deliveries (manifest not shipped, erroneous residential charges, etc.), to further improve the size of your refunds.

Pro Tip: If you want to save money on shipping and receive the refunds you deserve, outsource your parcel auditing needs.  

Guaranteed Shipping

Every package that you ship with FedEx® and UPS® is guaranteed no matter the service level. Don’t let your refunds go unclaimed. Work with a professional logistics team that will get you the parcel service failure refunds you deserve.

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