Increasing warehouse productivity and efficiency should be a top priority for warehouse managers. But what are the best methods for increasing warehouse productivity? With so many variables in play, it can be difficult to pinpoint the right areas for improvement. 

Smart Changes to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Making too many changes to warehouse processes and procedures can lead to confusion and, instead of increasing productivity, can have the opposite effect. While the best strategies for improving warehouse efficiency may vary from company to company, these are 5 smart changes all warehouses should make.

1) Smart Automation

Automated warehouse systems make processes more efficient, accurate and reliable. And as demand for better production continues, it’s an important advantage for manufacturers. Automation can include integrated warehouse robotics, guided vehicles, and picking, as well as automated tracking allowing customers to track purchases. Implement technology that works for your warehouse in practice, not just in theory.

2) Maximized Space

Inefficient use of available space can translate into increased costs for additional warehouse space that you don’t really need. Typically, receiving, picking, packing and shipping generally takes up around 50% of warehouse space; product storage the remainder. Use vertical space to your advantage, with mezzanines and double deep racks with reach lift trucks. Managing warehouse space wisely can improve the picking process and enable better shipment management.


3) Organized Workstations

A messy or cluttered workstation indicates to visitors and staff that efficiency is lacking. It might even suggest that warehouse employees are overwhelmed, or that company morale is suffering. Organize and design workstations according to the specific tasks of the staff members using them.

4) Employee Training

Even the most effective technologies and processes lack value if your employees don’t understand them. Implement thorough training programs that focus on technology and how you want employees to utilize the tools you’ve provided. Education and training should prioritize safety, and encourage innovation.

5) Prioritize Safety

Safety should be a priority in your warehouse since without smart safety practices you face dangers and accidents that lead to inefficiency and profit loss. Skimping on safety might save you money in the beginning, but accidents are incredibly costly.

Running Smoothly

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